Language support of your website

To sell in foreign markets, you need to speak their language!

  This service is appropriate for everyone who intends to renew his website completely or update it regularly.
We offer you the constant language support for the website for:

Number of languages

The period of our support in months

Discount 10 %





499 €

899 €

1599 €

Russian Ukrainian English


899 €

1599 €

2999 €


1199 €

2159 €

3999 €

each subsequent language

+ 20 % to the existing price

Our support includes: proofreading of all texts on the existing website and translation of all texts into the ordered language(s), which you place on your website during the ordered period. Thus the discount of 15 % is considered for all other ordered translations during the period of our support.
Discounts are not summarized.

And why is it important?
If your data are not updated in due time, you almost don’t exist!

Order for the language support of your website

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