Translation services

  We provide high quality and professional translation services of a various level of complexity and areas of expertise to the shortest possible deadline. With the best efforts we will make our translations correspond to all your requirements and desires.
   We offer special prices for the following languages and language combinations:

Russian – Slovenian and vice versa
SlovenianUkrainian – Slovenian and vice versa
RussianEnglish – Russian and vice versa
UkrainianUkrainian – English and vice versa
EnglishRussian – Ukrainian and vice versa
English – Slovenian and vice versa

You can separately order proofreading of texts which is carried out by the native speaker with relevant higher education.

A standard page contains 1500 characters without spaces, which are counted in the translated text. The minimal order for the translation - 0,5 pages.

We offer our permanent clients: a discount, a certain amount of pages for proofreading free of charge, also a delay of a payment until 30 days.

Instant telephone interpreting (for permanent clients) Interpreting call charges are only 1.95 EUR per minute from Slovenia to Russia or Ukraine

Don’t hesitate and send us an order.